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Anna–Mae is a grade 2 para dressage rider that lives in Devon with her family. Anna was 11yrs old when she started riding after finally persuading her mum to let her, she started doing Para dressage in May 2014 and has worked her way up successfully from there. Anna successfully completed her level three extended diploma in horse care and management at Bicton College, and is now working part time whilst focusing on her para career pathway.

Anna is part of the World Class Podium potential squad 2016-2018 who play a massive part in her journey and as a result of this she has a fantastic support team. Anna currently has 2 beautiful horses, 1 that she is competing with and the other is in training.

Anna-Mae has two completely unrelated disabilities that have a huge impact on her everyday life, even to the point that she was advised that it would never be safe for her to get on a horse, let alone fulfil her dream.