Home Team

Ann – Mum

Anna’s mum Ann is a foster carer that takes every opportunity she can to accompany Anna to competitions and training. Ann’s full time job is taking care of other people but to Anna she is a rock. Ann is always happy to muck in and help with the horses even if it is beyond her capabilities. Ann is always on hand to remind Anna to smile and enjoy herself.

Andrew – Dad

Anna’s dad Andrew works full time as an area manager but has a secondary job as Anna’s Chauffeur to competitions. Andrew is very supportive of Anna and is always happy to drive the lorry and transport Anna and the horses. He is very good at keeping calm and quiet in stressful situations. Andrews favourite quote is “that’s not in my contract” and he is always on hand to remind you that his job is just to drive the lorry.

Clare Smith – Vet

Clare works for St Boniface vets and is Anna’s go to for any problems regarding her horses welfare. She qualified from Bristol University in 2006 as a BVSc MRCVS and after working locally in Hampshire, moved to Devon eventually joining St Boniface. Clare is always on the end of the phone to assist Anna and has got to her know her horses inside out. Off duty, she enjoys a variety of country sports and riding her horses!

Joanna Johns – Coach

Jo is a group 3 dressage rider competed to PSG and currently competing her own horse at Advanced medium trained by herself. Jo is a passionate coach who loves nothing more than helping her clients gain confidence and help them achieve their goals.

  Reggie – Mascot

Reggie is Anna’s pug that loves to attend competitions with her, he enjoys chilling in her wheelchair and acts as a great mascot on the road.

Karen Ligthelm – Saddler

Karen Ligthelm is a master qualified saddle fitter that has over 30 years experience. Karen has fitted saddles for all of Anna’s horses and comes out to check them regularly. She is known for fitting the saddle to the horse and rider,not just the horse.